The Mosaica Group provides ideas tailored around growth and profitability.

Their ability to understand our business, anticipate our needs, expose us to new technologies and help us implement those technologies is a great benefit. For example, when we were confronting a capacity challenge, they helped us research, negotiate and install a new machine that increased capacity from 8 to 24/25 plates an hour.

Nikki Fischer,
Pre-Press Supervisor, BIC



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Accountable Client Care

Many companies talk a lot about client care or customer service. At The Mosaica Group, you'll find that we truly will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

At the heart of this promise is our philosophy of "felt accountability." We're proud to take full, personal responsibility for the success of our solutions. It's the opposite of "not my job" – everyone in our group feels obligated and presses each other to do what's in your best interests at all times.

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Technical Business Representatives

  • Ken Weisenberger
  • Jon Himes

Technical Specialists

  • Jeff Meek – Technology Specialist
  • Scott Stuckart – Ink, Blankets and Pressroom Chemicals
  • Tom Woodbury – Technical Specialist
  • Mark Six – Wide Format