No matter what time of day, The Mosaica Group's response times are fantastic.

For example, we had a bad batch of plates, which isn't a good thing on our end. It will completely shut us down. Thankfully, in under an hour, their team had replacement material here so we didn't miss a beat.

Jim Sandstrom,
President, HM Graphics


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Screen & Flexo Printing Solutions

For the practical and productive screen and flexo solutions you need to succeed, The Mosaica Group is your proven partner.

Deep roots in the printing business enable our people to deliver the most cost and time savings. Turn to us for the best screen and flexo equipment and consumables available – including our private label PrecisionImage™ line of high-quality, cost-effective film and ink. It's all implemented with an experienced understanding of what it takes to maximize the performance of these technologies in your environment.

Contact us today to learn more about screen and flexo solutions including:


Traditional Film Production

  • Equipment – Imagesetters and processors
  • Consumables – Film and chemistry


  • Plate readers
  • The best brands for reliability and consistency in packaging printing

Inkjet-to-Film Technology

  • Raster Image Print (RIP) equipment
  • Consumables – Film
    and ink