The Mosaica Group provides ideas tailored around growth and profitability.

Their team is very responsive with tools and solutions. For example, their color management program has helped us achieve and maintain consistent color match from proof to press consistently job after job.

Greg Bleidorn,
VP of Manufacturing,
ABS Graphics

Case Study:


"Ensuring precise color used to
take four to five hours. Now it
takes 30 minutes."
Jodi Rossin, Product Art Manager

Prepress Color Management

Nothing's more important to your productivity and profitability than good color management. And no supplier is as well-positioned to help you succeed as The Mosaica Group.

Through years of training, research and development, and field application for customers, today we're an industry leader in color management and its effects on the printing/proofing process. Count on our team of Certified G7® Expert Color Professionals as an independent ally. We'll make it as easy and as fast as possible to skillfully manage and optimize all aspects of your color.

Contact us today to get started. Or, learn more about color management for your pressroom or digital printing operation.

ColorLink™ Solutions


The Mosaica Group's ColorLink™ Solutions packages offer a flexible array of analysis, on-site software set up and training services – all the way to G7 Master Printer certification – allowing you to choose the level of color management that best fits your business and your budget.

Your solution may include:
  • General color management tools, including profiling software and prepress spectros
  • Color server consulting, integration, training and support ROI
  • Lighting solutions including light booths, fixtures and lamps

Whatever solution you need, rest assured it's backed by our renowned integration and training support.