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The Mosaica Group and FiberMark Partner to Distribute ConVerd Wide-Format Media

Innovative, fiber-based conVerd line differentiates The Mosaica Group’s portfolio

Feb. 13, 2015

Sussex, Wis. – The Mosaica Group, a leading graphic arts distributor, and FiberMark have announced an agreement whereby The Mosaica Group will become a full line distributor of conVerd wide-format media. The conVerd line consists of wide-format mainstays as well as inventive medias that provide a competitive advantage.

The conVerd line from FiberMark has several outstanding products. Some standouts are:

  • conVerd Board is a green alternative to PVC or styrene board and is the only board in the market that is green in the middle.
  • Endura® photo and poster paper are fast-drying, quick-printing and come in a variety of textures.
  • EnviroScape Mural® is water-activated adhesive material which makes installation and take-down easy and 100% strippable. Plus, it is phthalate- and PVC-free.
  • Lustré Board is C1S or C2S offered in rolls or flat sheets and is a potential replacement for non-recyclable polystyrene. Once printed and cut, the product will lie flat even off a roll, which is both highly desirable and totally unique in this wide-format market.

"The Mosaica Group is excited to partner with FiberMark. We are always looking for the innovators, those who are trying to Print.Smart. in this industry. A majority of FiberMark's products are FSC® certified and 100% recyclable. This fact contributed greatly as to why we chose to partner with them, said Randy Peters, President and CEO of The Mosaica Group. "With the conVerd line of wide-format materials, our clients can save money, time, and potentially gain new revenues with forward-thinking, recyclable products."

"The Mosaica Group is an excellent choice for the conVerd line with its ability to distribute from one of four locations in the Midwest," said Paul Paulette, VP of Sales and General Manager of conVerd. "FiberMark believes in great customer service and only partners with trustworthy companies that share the same client focus and innovation. We look forward to a great relationship with The Mosaica Group and their clients."

FiberMark, a US manufacturer of specialty cellulose and synthetic fiber-based printing media, announces a portfolio of conVerd™ branded products for wide format inkjet printers. FiberMark capabilities include paper manufacturing, saturating, performance coating, calendering, laminating, embossing, and roll converting. FiberMark is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)-certified (FSC-C020981). FiberMark has been manufacturing saturated papers and nonwovens for specialty applications for more than 100 years. Core businesses include: Luxury Packaging and Decorative Covering Materials, Performance Boards, Technical Specialties, and Print Media. For more information on FiberMark Wide-Format Print Media Products, visit!wide-format-media.

About The Mosaica Group
In a fiercely competitive and constantly changing industry, today’s smartest printers count on The Mosaica Group for a level of support that’s increasingly valuable. Experts in digital printing, color management and more, The Mosaica Group provides technologies, consumables and services for clients throughout the Midwest. With their expanding line of wide-format media and ink products, backed by the latest wide-format technologies, they’re helping printers enhance their processes in these increasingly popular applications. It goes to show that The Mosaica Group will continue to do whatever it takes to help printers save time, reduce costs and Print.Smart.

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