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Case Study:


"Ensuring precise color used to take four to five hours. Now it takes 30 minutes."
Jodi Rossin,
Product Art Manager


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Case Study: WinCraft

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New Color Management Solution Saves Time, Enables Growth

WinCraft is a recognized leader in retail licensed sports memorabilia and custom promotional products - 85 percent of which are made in the USA. At any given time, the company must be ready to crank out quality products at high volumes.

Precise color management is essential. That's why in late 2008, WinCraft turned to The Mosaica Group, its longtime partner for a variety of print supplies, for help improving its color management process. WinCraft's old method involved primarily trial and error – resulting in time and material waste.

Benefits of the New System
  • Dramatically reduced color correction time
  • 15% reduction in staff
  • Streamlined quality control
  • Greater precision and repeatability at high volumes
  • Easily integrated into new equipment as WinCraft grows

Recognizing an Opportunity for Greater Precision at High Volumes

After listening carefully to WinCraft's needs, our team came back with a variety of choices. WinCraft settled on a GMG color management system, which can be incorporated easily into automated workflows.

The Mosaica Group team members then trained WinCraft employees to take full advantage of the new technology – helping cut the time spent managing color for a product from four or five hours to just 30 minutes.

Since then, WinCraft has built on this success by integrating the GMG system into new equipment as they grow.

"Strategically, we want our partners to grow with us," said Brian Lilla, Vice President of Manufacturing. "The Mosaica Group does whatever it takes to help us tackle new challenges and support our changing needs."