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Case Study:


"Ensuring precise color used to take four to five hours. Now it takes 30 minutes."

Jodi Rossin,
Product Art Manager


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Our Expert Team

When you work with The Mosaica Group, you tap into valuable technology expertise that's hard to keep in house.

Our expert team includes proven leaders in color management, digital printing and more. Just as important, we're focused at all times on applying that expertise not to sell you supplies, but to provide solutions that produce direct benefits. Count on our knowledgeable staff to solve problems, stay ahead of change and free you up to focus on what you do best.

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Color Team

  • Jeff Meek – Technology Specialist
  • Tom Woodbury – Technical Specialist

Client Care Specialists

  • Steve Petrovich
  • Brandon Dart
  • Sharon Leberman

Internal Client Support Team

  • Melanie Bond – CPA, GM/CFO
  • Sharon Hausch – Purchasing Manager
  • Bill Parker – Warehouse Manager
  • Karen Seidl – Operations Manager