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Case Study:

Supreme Graphics

"Some other companies are so big that you’re just a number. But with Mosaica, customer service is huge – I know they will come through one way or another."
Dan Bjerke,
 Supreme Graphics vice president of operations


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Case Study: Supreme Graphics

supreme graphics

Trusted Supply Partnership is Key to Printer’s Success

As a full-service commercial printer since 1955, Supreme Graphics of Arcadia, Wis., understands the importance of having a trusted printer supply partner.

In the competitive printing industry, Supreme Graphics leaders know that it’s one thing to talk about great service – it’s another to have a technician just a phone call away whenever you need one. That’s why they count on The Mosaica Group for accessible service support and technical expertise to keep their thriving print business running on all cylinders. And if Supreme happens to get into a bind, they know they don’t have to worry.

“I think Mosaica Group takes care of us better than any other company out there,” said Dan Bjerke, Supreme Graphics vice president of operations. “Some other companies are so big that you’re just a number. But with Mosaica, customer service is huge – I know they will come through one way or another. They will drive their ink up here, and still get it to us so we don’t lose an order. I’ve never seen that with another company, and I’ve been printing for 30 years.”

The Mosaica Group introduces color management, made easy

With the new ColorLink InkZone Ink Key Preset and Closed Loop systems, printers can:

  • Save up to 15 percent on ink costs
  • Reduce make-ready time, associated paper and ink waste by up to 30 percent
  • Output consistent color that conforms to G7® specifications

New Color Management System Drastically Cuts Make-ready Times

Supreme Graphics also knows that efficiency is key in meeting its customers’ exacting demands. It recently upgraded the console on one of its legacy sheetfed systems to a new ColorLink™ InkZone Closed Loop Control. The system compares actual measured values with reference data, computes correction values for the printing press and transmits them directly to the console, where the corrections happen automatically.

Supreme also recently purchased a new press and installed a ColorLink™ InkZone Ink Key Preset and Closed Loop System on it, which uses prepress layout data in a CIP3 format from each printing form to predetermine ink key settings for each unit of the printing press. As a result, Supreme has realized significantly lower make-ready times required for each job, as well as a dramatic 50 percent reduction in paper and labor costs. Now, operators are able to prepare jobs in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.

“Whether the job is for half a million or 500, the make-ready time is always cut in half for us,” said Scott Isensee, Supreme Graphics press room supervisor. “The color won’t run away from you. All you have to do is scan it every 400 to 500 sheets and the color will stay for you.”