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Case Study:

Spectra Print

"The Mosaica Group team always comes looking to bring us solutions – not to bill us some hours."
Hans Hofmeister,
Executive Vice President

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Case Study: Spectra Print

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A Complete Commitment to Driving Continuous Growth

After over 80 years, Spectra Print of Stevens Point, Wis., continues to grow and evolve. Along the way, the company has come to value suppliers that care about more than just selling supplies.

That's why Spectra Print's partnership with The Mosaica Group keeps getting stronger. What started with ink has advanced to plates, proofing software, digital equipment and much more – all with a focus on helping Spectra Print operate more efficiently and serve its customers better.

"The Mosaica Group won us over with solutions that other vendors couldn't accomplish," said Hans Hofmeister, Spectra Print Executive Vice President. "And they continue to bring in new ideas that go well beyond competitors."

4 Ways Spectra Print Is Growing with Our Help
  • More efficient use of ink supplies
  • G7 certification
  • New digital equipment through creative financing
  • Digital storefronts for customers

Evolving Printing Partnership Built on Accountability for Results

Where some suppliers were quick to pass blame to others, The Mosaica Group has brought a refreshing sense of accountability from start to finish.

Whether it's pouncing on a problem with a plate vendor or coming up with creative financing options for new digital equipment, the team always advances the ultimate goal: Spectra Print's success.

"The Mosaica Group's people really want to see us thrive and succeed," said Hofmeister. "We're growing today in ways we never could have without their help."